Learn to Wingfoil

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Wingfoil – new sensations

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Skimming the surface of the water using only the winds energy?

Then wingfoiling is for you. You too can learn this revolutionary discipline that combines an easy-to-handle wing with a board with a hydrofoil to bring you new sensations – excitement guaranteed!

Wingsurf - We start with the basics: we show you how to handle the wing whilst sailing along on our shallow lake using a stand-up paddle board with a dagger board.

Hydrofoil - Then you learn how to use the hydrofoil board to get the lift-off from the water. For this, we will pull you behind the power boat or on our wakeboard cable.

Wingfoil - The next step is to put the wing and foil together. We use our spacious area at sea to help you make your first flights on the hydrofoil using the wing.

Once you’re up an going on the wingfoil, there’s lots more to learn; tacks, gibes, pumping, surfing, jumps and flips - the list is endless.

We have been involved in wingfoiling since the start and Steve is one of the first qualified IKO wingfoil coaches. Learn with us to progress quickly and safely.




Wingsurf - 1hr 30 lesson  - €75

Hydrofoil - 40min lessons - €60

Wingfoil - 1hr 30 lesson - €150



All kitesurfing courses are given in English (or French)
by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) and French FFVoile (Fédération Française de Voile) qualified instructors.
We use the latest equipment from Eleveight to make learning to kitesurf a breeze.   
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