How to become a kitesurfing Instructor

The IKO Instructor Training Course trains experienced kiteboarders to be an IKO level 1 kiteboarding instructor. The ITC is a 5 day intensive course in which you will learn the fundamentals of teaching kiteboarding both in the classroom and on the beach / water.
You will be required to
  • show your riding level
  • boat driving skill
  • demonstrate communications skills
  • teach other candidates and real students

and also show kiteboarding knowledge including

  • weather
  • waves
  • tides
  • equipment
  • basic aerodynamics
  • risks and dangers etc.




  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a certified IKO kiteboarder Level 4 being able to jump and grab,
  • Be able to ride toe side up wind,
  • Complete board recovery in deep water,
  • Rider recovery body dragging,
  • Self rescue in deep water,
  • Self launching and self landing
  • Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification (AITC -PLUS)**
  • Have valid first aid and CPR Certificate or complete it before the ITC**
If you do not have the actual IKO Kiteboarder Card proving your level, an evaluation wil be done during the course.
**I will provide the necessary supporting documents to the ITC organiser upon inscription.

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